Thanks for stopping by. My husband and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. We both have been involved in an in-depth study of the Word of God for over 37 years.  We  love connecting with people who love God and have an honest desire to understand and apply God's word in life.  We are not religious nor promoting a certain denomination or any organization. We are just interested in living life the way God intended.

We continue to grow in understanding and application of the word of God and treasure the operation of the gift of holy spirit in all of life's situations. We are very thankful for the grace of God that was provided through His son Jesus Christ. He is the head of the body of Christ and rightfully deserves to be called 'Lord'.

Through the years we have been involved in several groups and have taken many classes in biblical studies.  I enjoy looking at God's word as shared by others. God has a way of connecting us and providing the fellowship we need at just the right time. We can have wonderful, rich connections  on a daily basis. Ultimately, however, we each need to take responsibility to get to know God and how much He loves us. Since having started to slowly read and study the Old Testament, I have been amazed by the simplicity of truth and the contextual prevalence of love and grace throughout the whole bible. 

Have a great day!
God Bless,

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