The Big Picture of the Bible

The Biblical Big Picture

A 'big picture' view of God's word must be considered if someone desires to understand any section. The Word of God represents God's heart and He fully intended through the written word to give everyone who so desires access to Him.

It starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. In between those two books is a journey through timeline sections which scholars have labeled as administrations. Some scholars have described seven sections, others eight and some scholars have none at all. Here is a sample of seven administrations:

Paradise - God set up a beautiful place for man and had open communication with him
Time of the patriarchs - Adam (after he chose another path)- Moses
The Law was given- Moses through the birth of Jesus Christ
The Christ administration - the solution to the problem started in Genesis
The Grace administration - ascension of Christ through to his eventual return for his saints. The period that is now.
Revelation period

Regardless, the Bible is a dynamic book. It is a whole book and the 'big picture' is gorgeous! Jesus Christ is the topic of every book of the Bible. He was prophesied in Genesis 3:15. He is the man of the gospels and he made the great sacrifice of his life for man. He now sits at the right hand of God as the head of God's kingdom. God designated Jesus Christ, His son, to be the way for man to regain access to God. He is the promised seed, the Messiah, the Savior, the mediator, the head, the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

In the grace administration that is present now, if a person acknowledges Jesus as the head of God's household and believes that God raised him out of the grave to His own right hand, he also becomes a son of God and has access to God who is spirit, through the gift of holy spirit. The spirit is just what it is: spirit. It is a gift that connects us.

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